How To Wash Your Curls

    How hard can washing your hair might be? When you have naturally curly hair this can be a mission. There are many factors that can make this process a winning or a failure.

Like the water itself. if it's alkaline or acidic, the products that you're using. The motion that you're doing. In your hair and scalp. Are you using the right shampoo or conditioner? Even trying to detangle your hair seems like a mission. All of these questions at once in your head. But very few people have these answers.

Do they wanna talk to you about how to wash your hair properly? Probably NO because what works for them might not work for you. 

Number one. Do you have a shower filter? There are many shower filters at online stores or town stores. Please get one. You can also order them on Amazon. This is the number one key for your hair to look less frizzy and more shiny. And takes you less time.

The second thing you must know is what products you are using. Unfortunately, in this case, it's trial and error. You try and try. Fail and fail until you finally find what works best for you. You're unique as a unique person. The only way for you to find out what works for you is by testing. Once you go through this process you can finally find what works best for your hair.

Before going into the shower, make sure that your hair is detangled if you haven't been so good at maintaining your curls, and probably keeping it in a bun for more days than you planned. This means that if there are too many excessive knots, please try to separate them before you go into the shower. Otherwise, it will become harder to detangle and most likely will cause more breakage. So let's say your hair is a little bit more tangled than usual. Because you went on a boat, you had so much fun at the beach. And now it's time to wash your hair. On dry hair, gently separate it with your finger to remove those knots out.

Finally, it's time for you to jump into the shower. When your hair is thoroughly wet. Apply the shampoo only on your scalp, that's where natural oils and sweat are. Your scalp is your number one priority. We need to make sure that gets clean. Massage and scrub your scalp with your fingertips, not your nails. Scratching your scalp creates inflammation. Inflammation, makes your hair fall out. So fingertips only you can be gentle but have a strong grip. Using vertical and horizontal motions, you do not want to do circular motions, will only tangle your curls more and promote more frizz, breaking some of those fragile hairs. If you apply the shampoo and it doesn't feel like is cleaning that means that your scalp requires more. So you will need more product and usually more water if you're washing your hair every day or every other day. Applying shampoo once will be more than enough, but let's say you are the type of person who washes about twice a week or the most three times a week. My suggestion is to apply shampoo on the scalp twice (shampoo, scrub, and rinse, then repeat). Pay extra attention in the back. The back of your head has the most amount of hair. If you don't scrub that area most likely end up on buildup grease, becoming more itchy, and having a moldy smell. This is not your fault. This is just a lack of education.

So now you're ready to apply the conditioner or a treatment mask. Still in the shower do NOT squeeze the excess of water. We need all that water, so the product can travel inside the hair strand. Sometimes we tend to squeeze excessive water out and then apply the products which only result in more dryness. Moisture only comes from water. Gently grab the ends of your hair and start detangling brushing from the ends up to the scalp. This process can't be rushed. Not doing a good job in this process will result in poor styling and won't last, we recommend using a brush with soft bristle. Once all is detangled and your hair feels soft, rinse out well from the scalp using your fingertips, don't squeeze any water out. At this point, your hair is ready to apply either a living conditioner, styling product, or both of them.

Apply the leaving conditioner still in the shower when your hair is fully wet. You are not diluting the product. at this point, you can apply some of your styling products as well(Gels, Foams, Creams, or Lotions). Put your hair in a shower cap so when you're ready to style the hair is not dry. If you put your hair on a towel. Once you're ready to style, the hair will be too dry. Remove the shower cap and divide your hair into sections, between 4 to 10 sections. This step will take a long time, but at least your styling will last. As I said for about four to five days, if you're active and like exercise will last fewer days. But if you know how to care for it at night make sure is in a satin cap or pillow and you're not rough with it

At that moment, your hair is ready to either air dry or diffuse with the dyer.

Thank you. If you have any questions, click the Contact Us button and just send those questions. I will reply as soon as I can.